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What is the Real Issue in the Oregon Stand-off ?

January 8, 2016

KrisAnne Hall is a Constitutional scholar, attorney, and former prosecutor. In the following 9-minute video she discusses the real issue behind the Oregon stand-off.  This video is highly recommended viewing.

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CLINTON CASH – Is only the tip of the Iceberg – This is CHINAGATE 2.0

Clinton cash only skims the surface of the TREASON of the Clintons and their bosses.  The Important thing to be looking at would be the Bill Clinton Presidency and the Cover up of the most dangerous Scandal ever committed against the UNITED STATES in our history. The Sale of Weapons systems and trade to China for political contributions to Bill’s re-election campaign .. The list of murders and alleged suicides better known as the Clinton body count .. Now we have complete voter fraud .. The FBI now covering up for the Clintons and their email-gate scandal and selling off land and resources to foreign countries using the BLM for land theft as the federal reserve uses the IRS to rob you energy.  The thing we all should be asking Are we witnessing history repeating itself with the Clintons once again selling off American interests Technologies and Weapons as they did in 1996  through an unsecured  email system and an unchecked foundation to except the cash for their traitorous activities. With all of the cover provided through the Media FBI and  Government in general .. This smells like the same pile of DUNG as was going on in the 1990’s

The RESOLUTION to Gain Control of FEDERALLY MANAGED LANDS at the Local Level


The Statehood enabling Act .. Article 1 section 8 clause 17 of the Constitution Restricts land ownership of the federal government

LIARS CHEATS AND THIEVES .. OREGON .. BLM Land Grabs .. Whats really Going on?

Ask yourself this .. What are the two most sought after commodities on the Planet? .. Water and Energy .. or control over it!!
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), a for-profit federal corporation, issued a memo laying out its plans to seize 10 million additional acres across the Western states including, Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming, California, and Utah. The federal government already claims ownership or control of 84% of Utah and at least 68% of Nevada. The document clearly lays out the propaganda to be used in this land theft, referring to the theft as saving national treasures, pristine areas, treasured landscapes, etc.. Sounds really peachy until you get to the part about mining and natural resources, to be stolen at the same time.

Concealing their identity under the appearance of a “public agency”, BLM uses congress and the executive branch to not only hide what it really is and what it is doing, but to make it appear legitimate; lawful, legal. It is a deception that has gone on since 1906 when the Antiquities Act was passed, which BLM now is claiming as its enabling legislation. The 1906 Act was only 296 words long and said nothing about how to perpetrate theft of states lands and their accompanying natural resources.

The question immediately arises in my mind; “How can the BLM claim ownership of land? Doesn’t the Constitution expressly deny the central government ownership of any land other than insular possessions, territories and the ten square mile parcel of land ceded to it for its existence?” Yes it does, but the Bureau of Land Management is a privately owned corporation and is not bound by constitutional restraints.

The BLM is a duly chartered and registered, for profit corporation which conducts business independent of the central government, and as a private corporation can purchase land and conduct contract business with other corporations, which it does routinely. But, we are supposed to believe that the BLM, operating under the ubiquitous Department of the Interior, is some kind of government agency.

In the memo, BLM corporation talks extensively about its “ownership” of lands and how this back room deal, meant to facilitate the theft of lands inside the geographical boundaries of the states could be implemented. Of great interest to the BLM are the Western states, as a result of the natural resources contained in the land in these areas, which are extensive.

It is these resources that are coveted by the BLM corporation; they have no real interest in preserving anything as is evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of mining operations devastating the landscape and causing contamination of water resources, 550,000 of which are abandoned mines. In addition is the slaughter of wild horse herds across the west to pave the way for more mining operations and pipelines and the selling off of the dwindling water supplies to private interests.

EXPOSING Local Treason and BLM Fraud in Oregon

The gloves come off as Wardo puts the pressure on local politicians
County Commissioners lie to the local public to get them to go along with selling off Swift Water Park to the BLM .. when in fact I discovered that they actually removed the status of this land from a park designation about the same time a fire was started by the DOT .. “Western Rivers Conservancy” a company who’s sole purpose it to find desperate communities that have land with water attached to them to sell to the BLM who also make quick work .. sends out their own appraisers to devalue this property .. The more I dig into this the more I don’t like what I am seeing ..
for those new to this piece of work .. it all starts with this video ..

Robert Tosh Plumlee CIA Whistle Blower breaks down Oregon Infiltration El Chapo Benghazi and more

Tosh Plumlee – Illusionary Warfare Training – and the infiltration of the Oregon Stand-off .. Fast and Furious international Illegal gun running,

Robert Tosh Plumlee was born in 1937. He joined the United States Army in April 1954 and was assigned to the Texas 49th Armored Division. Later he was transferred to Dallas where he joined the 4th Army Reserve Military Intelligence Unit.

After leaving the army Plumlee worked as an aircraft mechanic before obtaining his pilot’s license in 1956. Soon afterwards he began work as a pilot for clandestine CIA flights. This included working for William Harvey, Tracy Barnes and Rip Robertson. Plumlee also transported arms to Cuba before Castro took power. Plumlee was also associated with Operation 40.

In 1962 Plumlee was assigned to Task Force W which operated at the time from the JM/WAVE station in Miami. Plumlee claimed that in November, 1963, he was a co-pilot on a top secret flight supported by the CIA. Plumlee’s flight left Florida on 21st November and stopped in New Orleans and Houston before reaching Dallas in the early morning hours of 22nd November. On board was Johnny Roselli. Plumlee testified that their assignment was to stop the planned assassination of John F. Kennedy.
Plumlee also worked as an undercover operative and contract pilot for the federal government during the “Drug War” during the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

In 1977 Plumlee testified before Frank Church and his Select Committee on Intelligence Activities. He also testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1990 and 1991.
Robert Tosh Plumlee… has piloted and co-piloted clandestine CIA flights for over 31 years. He testified before the Church Committee in the 1970s and his CIA escapades have been well chronicled in magazine articles, books and congressional reports.

Mr. Plumlee testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on August 2nd, 1990, and again in May of 1991. His testimony under oath has been classified as Top Secret. Senator John Kerry served as Chairman of the Senate Committee, John Wyner, I believe his name is, and Dick McCall, staff aides to Senator Kerry, questioned Mr. Plumlee in relation to the Contra resupply network behind closed doors.

Mr. Plumlee testified to the U.S. Senate Committee and to Truth Truth Truth, Incorporated, that on the morning of November 22nd, 1963, he was a co-pilot on a top secret flight supported by the CIA. Mr. Plumlee’s flight left Florida on November 21, 1963, and stopped in New Orleans and Houston before heading into Dallas, Texas, during the early morning hours of November 22nd, 1963.

Mr. Plumlee testified that Philippe or Philippo Socko, alias John Roselli, a known Mafia/CIA double operative was onboard the plane to Dallas. Mr. Plumlee stated that Mr. Roselli departed the plane at Dallas Garland Airport shortly after 6:30 a.m. on the morning of November 22nd, 1963. Mr. Plumlee testified that he was informed that the flight was an abort mission, and that their assignment was to stop the assassination attempt on Kennedy’s life.

Mr. Plumlee testified that he was told this by his superior officers, and he has identified those officers. Mr. Plumlee testified that he was present in Dealey Plaza on the South Knoll at the time of the assassination.
Longtime former CIA field operative turned whistleblower Robert “Tosh” Plumlee is currently in the crosshairs of a very angry Holder Justice Department for publicly posting 11 “questions” about Benghazi and the illegal weapons running operations being conducted by criminal elements within the U.S. government. Mr. Plumlee is no ordinary CIA whistleblower, however.

Because of his extensive history and knowledge of the criminal infiltration into the U.S. government, their methods and operations, Mr. Plumlee has become one of the most dangerous men to the criminal cabal operating at the highest levels of the U.S. government. The Holder Justice Department and the criminal “gatekeepers” within the CIA and other government agencies desperately want him silenced—and they absolutely intend to do just that.