US Threatens To Shoot Down Syrian Jets To Get Their World War Going


The United States has been invaded for decades now .. They Run The Media, Our Monetary System, Government, Pentagon, All of the ABC Groups .. PRESIDENTS too .. Trump is as much of their boy as Hillary is their Skanky Criminal Bitch .. Let us remember: The advisors in the Obama admin. the Boy George admin. are all the same .. They are called the NEOCONS .. they are the ones calling the shots along with the decades of involvement of Henry Kissinger’s advisement .. they are all DUAL NATIONAL ISRAELI’S poised in our government since the Murder of JFK to carry out the missions of the Rockefeller/Rothschild goals of their NWO .. This is a Jewish Crime syndicate .. MAKE SURE THAT YOU UNDERSTAND .. Everything that is going on in the middle east is simply a restructuring of the OTTOMAN Empire as a base of their complete control of all trade traffic on that side of the planet. Lets also be clear that this Jewish cabal is not the rightful inhabitance of the land of Palestine .. Their origins come from around 800 miles away in the Georgian Province Formerly known as KHAZARIA ..
They are not Semitic people their roots come from Noah’s son Japheth not Shem .. you might call them actually Mongol/Turks .. Not Hebrew Israelites.


But will he really do it?
Israel demands larger Aid package along with their own terms.

AMERICA FIRST this includes the money collected from American tax payers. Before any money goes to any country Americans Comes first. Israel seems to think that Israel should come before any of Americas needs.

Just as Trump says ..”He will be a President of American Laws” .. Well this means that he will need to abide by US laws regarding the Symington Amendment and the Glenn Act. Both of these restrict where any foreign aid or military aid goes .. Americans say NO MORE .. ISRAEL SEEMS TO THINK THAT THEY ARE BEYOND REPROACH OF ANY INTERNATIONAL LAW .. BREAKS THEM ALL .. And the thinks that Americans should Finance their illegal Settlements and acts of GENOCIDE .. Fight all of their ENEMIES .. This is why countries around the world are turning on America.

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Symington amendment: Israel Nukes, US Foreign Aid and the Symington Amendment ..

Jfk Israel

Israel lays groundwork for possible settlement expansion southeast of Jerusalem

The land east of the settlement of Efrat would expand ‘contiguity’ of the Gush Etzion bloc to the outskirts of Bethlehem.

“Translation: this Israeli settlement development here effectively blocks off any contiguous boundary for a potential Palestinian state.”

By | Aug. 14, 2016 | 9:11 PM | 2

Israel is conducting a land survey between the settlement of Efrat and the area to its east with an eye toward declaring state land there, according to a document submitted by the state to the High Court of Justice last week.

According to the document, the survey has been undertaken “in a manner that will create contiguity of state lands.” Efrat is in the Gush Etzion settlement bloc in the southern West Bank, and the area to its east is known as Givat Eitam.

Construction in the area could have diplomatic implications because it would expand Gush Etzion east to the outskirts of Bethlehem.

In 2009, 1,700 dunams (425 acres) of land in the Efrat region were declared state land. Haaretz reported on a plan at the time to build some 2,500 housing units there.

Peace Now then petitioned the High Court to force the state to make public any intention to move ahead with construction plans in the area by allocating land rights to Efrat.

Last year then-Construction and Housing Minister Uri Ariel sought to make progress with the plan.

In its response to the petition, the state told the court that early this year the Efrat Regional Council requested permission to undertake planning in the area with an eye to build there, and that no response was forthcoming. The council noted that some of the land at Givat Eitam is privately owned by Himanuta, a subsidiary of the Jewish National Fund.

The state pledged to make public, 30 days in advance, any intention to allocate land at Givat Eitam to Efrat for the purpose of advancing building plans. But this did not apply to the private land in the area belonging to Himanuta, the state said.

“The intention is to promote in the future development of Himanuta lands. To this end, infrastructure (roads, pipelines, etc.) must be installed between Himanuta lands westward toward Efrat, including lands that have been declared [state lands] at Givat Eitam,” the document reads.

“The installation of this infrastructure will be possible if and when the land survey now underway is completed in the area between Efrat and Givat Eitam in a manner that creates contiguity of state lands.”

The document is also signed by the supervisor of government and abandoned property in the West Bank, Yossi Segal, and the defense minister’s aide for settlements, Kobi Eliraz.

Following the state’s response to the Peace Now petition, the group said such an expansion “would damage Israel and be destructive to the two-state solution. The state’s announcement of the intention to expropriate land to build a road connecting the planned settlement illustrates the true path of the Netanyahu government.”

But the Efrat Regional Council thinks otherwise.

“It is symbolic that precisely on the day marking the destruction of the Temple some are trying to sabotage the building of the Land of Israel,” it said, referring to the fast day of Tisha B’Av, which falls on Sunday.

“The legal clarification of the status of lands in the Eitam neighborhood has been underway for 12 years,” the regional council said, adding that “at the High Court of Justice at least five different panels of justices have come to realize that there is nothing of substance in the claims of the petitioners, who have dragged the state into a waste of money and costly resources in unnecessary proceedings.”

The council said it was “happy about High Court rulings in previous petitions, and we are happy that the state is seeking to redress an injustice of years.”

It added that at Givat Eitam there were “hundreds of dunams bought by Jews even before the establishment of the state and registered to the Jewish National Fund in trust for the Jewish state.”

The council said that construction at Givat Eitam fulfilled the will of these Jews, and that the “great bonus is mainly for young couples who cannot afford to purchase an apartment in Jerusalem and its environs.”

The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories confirmed that its “blue line team” in the Civil Administration – consisting of cartographers, surveyors and legal experts – was now “working to study the status of lands at Givat Eitam, and a decision on their status will be rendered at the end of the team’s work.”

Did she lie? WikiLeaks Next Email Dump Will Jail Clinton? and they are not done releasing them yet…

Amazing enough: Hillary was already Indicted when FBI Directer Comey came out in public and admitted that she lied over and over. The only thing left to do it to Prosecute her for her Crimes.


She is a past lawyer, is her mind gone so far she cant tell the truth from an untruth anymore??

According to Trump adviser, Roger Stone, Julian Assange of Wikileaks has a complete set of Hillary Clinton’s 36,000 emails which she scrubbed off her illegal home server.