ALERT – All Lives Matter – Europe in Chaos – US Government Foments Civil War

And they are calling it the “SUMMER OF CHAOS” as Banker whores in Government and DUAL NATIONAL ISRAELIS ramp it up in panic now that the British people speak out about being ruled by NWO pigs ..all of Europe is in turmoil and they intend on bringing it home here in the US .. to break the already fragile state of our nation through a further divide and conquer .. civil/race war  .. anyone in the BLM outfit .. get the hell out because you are being played

The Constitution is Dead in America – Deegan’s Closing Arguement

Thomas David Deegan, A Man that cared enough about the future of this country and our world. Put his life, liberty and freedom on the line to try to Bring Change through the court system of the State of West Virginia and teaching others where the system was broken. Upon proving the case against the State, the State Decides to arrest him and charge him with Terrorist Threats
Now once in the States Court System Quick work is made to Demonize his works.
As the Bundy’s and any others that stand up against the system .. this is what we look forward to..

The RESOLUTION to Gain Control of FEDERALLY MANAGED LANDS at the Local Level


The Statehood enabling Act .. Article 1 section 8 clause 17 of the Constitution Restricts land ownership of the federal government

The most Dangerous Man in America – Political Prisoner – Thomas Deegan

Truth Traveler radio Erin Dakins w/ guests Phil Hudok & Al Whitney talk about the corporate system we live in. Also the Arrest and confinement of Political Prisoner Thomas Deegan .. Charged with Domestic Terrorism after exposing the Government of West
Virginia as Corporate Fiction

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