ORLANDO SHOOTING – Questions – FEMA DRILL? – The Bigger Picture


Omar Mateen worked for British Company Previously called Securicor, G4S provided security at all three airports affected by the 9/11 attacks. Securicor/G4S had bought Argenbright Security—the 9/11 airport security firm—just nine months before the 9/11 attacks. The company later ran operations at Guantanamo Bay.

g4s was Hillary’s choice for Benghazi security

These facts suggest that all aspects of the attack, including initial reports of two suspects in the shootings and that someone was holding the door closed to prevent people from escaping, should be carefully investigated. Given the connections between Mateen and his employer to terrorism, it would be wise to consider the possibility that the Orlando shooting was more than a simple lone wolf attack.

Company Transporting Illegal Immigrants Inside US;

ISRAEL/PALESTINE .. human rights organizations have documented systematic torture and ill treatment of Palestinian prisoners, and then there is the children.

Benghazi : State Department accept the lowest bids for contracts to provide private security at most U.S. diplomatic posts. U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed. None of the local guards was outside the lightly defended complex, when it was overrun by militants, according to the results of a U.S. government inquiry.

UNITED WAY/One Orlando Fund. So far, the fund has raised about $7.5 million.
gofundme over 5 mil in first 4 days .. sets record of shut the fuck up money

Orlando Florida Shooting .. I call BULLSHIT .. They already tried this Crap here in Roseburg Oregon with Chris Harper Mercer last October. They Claimed he was getting ready to join with ISIS too .. He Had Asberger’s Syndrome and was a shut in .. that Shooting was to Scare the Christians .. This time it looks like they want to again pin the Muslims and Scare the Gays Chris Harper Mercer’s profile waqs made up .. So is Omar Mateen’s
WEATHER HE SHOT THESE PEOPLE OR NOT .. THEY MADE UP HIS PROFILE TO EXPLOIT THE SHOOTING .. DONALD TRUMP IS PLAYING INTO IT .. If President will he really stand up for your Gun rights.. or any other for that matter? .. I think Not
ORLANDO SHOOTING Government FALSE FLAG Event from the top to the bottom. Noor Mateen Missing .. did she know it was all a set up .. her husband then patsy .. did they off her ..
police just went public ..

Officer Brandon Cornwell .. Police were told not to enter building until SWAT arrived .. WHICH TOOK 3 HOURS

Google Search Engine Picked-Up ORLANDO ATTACK NEWS STORY 6 Hours BEFORE attack took place!

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