The Fake Jews – The Greatest Lie Ever Told – History is Not What You Think

TODAY I was sent a video of Dr. David Duke, where he had on a guest Dr Kevin MacDonald .. They are bent on subverting the facts and truth .. Refuse to look at art, archeology, writings from the so called Jews own Book – The Bible, along with the History of these so Called JEWS. They want you to believe that most of world Jewry is Sephardi .. well they are not According to their own numbers the Sephardi make up about 2 – 3% of Jewry .. It is the Ashkenazi that are the largest in numbers. .. Neither the Sephardi or Ashkenazi are the Hebrew Israelites .. The Sephardi come from Esau, Jacob – Israel’s brother. Esau lost his inheritance mainly because he married a Hittite woman and angered his Father Issac and his mother Rebecca.
Genesis 26:34&35 “When Esau was forty years old, he married Judith daughter of Beeri the Hittite, and also Basemath daughter of Elon the Hittite. They were a source of grief to Isaac and Rebekah.”
 ( Hittites were White People) The Hittites were Aryans .. they came from the Iranian plateau, 
Linguistically “Iran” is an Aryan term found in no other language. According to the Bible .. Keeping the Bloodline pure was as important as the Current Jews want to make believe,  but the fact is .. the The Ashkenazi and Sephardi are MUTTS .. even Hitler called the Jews and Negros .. BASTARDS!! Could there have been some interbreeding there too, Black and White .. Black and JEW?
During the middle ages when the Khazar country was being attacked and defeated by a number of factions .. Alexander the Great .. the medieval Kievan Rus .. and finally by Genghis Khan .. This is where the Ashkenazi Jews come from. During this same time the Sephardi Jews were being expelled from Spain and Forced into Turkey.
Turkey already had a majority of Khazar-Jews residing there and they formed the “Donmeh” The Name Khan is a typical Ashkenazi Name .. as they were both Turkic Mongol in their bloodlines .. the Turkic Term “Donmeh” means a Transvestite.
(pretending to be something that they are not) and also not to be trusted!!
   Lets take a look at the Book that the Jews want you to believe that they wrote.. The Bible .. Starting in the first book Genesis it clearly points out that the Ashkenazi DO NOT come from the Linage of Abraham or Shem .. but we can go back even further and find out where they actually did come from.
We can begin in the time of Noah

Genesis 10:1-3 the books of Moses 

10 Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth: and unto them were sons born after the flood.

The sons of Japheth; Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras.

And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz, and Riphath, and Togarmah. 


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I suppose there are good reasons that the JEW don’t want you to look in the Bible .. Particularly the Books of Moses. aka the old testament .. the Torah .. the Koran,  Why? Because it is here where it clearly points out that the world JEWRY is not the true Abrahamic Linage .. but it also points clearly to the people who are.

Furthermore these JEWS don’t want you to look at any early writings, art, archeology and historical facts. Primarily because it will expose their fraud and therefore show their illegitimacy as occupiers to the Land known as Palestine.  They don’t want people to understand that the Bible points out that it is a dark people .. possibly Negro type people that are the Hebrew Israelites, despite the fact that the Bible shows that the Israelites would be sold back into slavery with a YOKE OF IRON around their necks. Are these the same people that were the Hebrew Israelites? I cannot say for sure but it is plain as day that the ones that call themselves GOD’S CHOSEN have never filled this description at any point in history.

Who were the Edomites? The Edomites according to my research show that they were from the linage of Esau. Esau according to their own book was banned from associating with any of the Israelites. No Race mixing Allowed.. Period End of Story ..

Sephardic jews (less than 2% of all jews) claim to be descendants of Edomites whose patriarch was Esau, who was banned from his people (other descendants of Abraham) for miscegenating with Canaanite women Hittites to be more precise.  His descendants never socialized with Israelites, who were the descendants of Jacob, Esau’s brother.  Descendants of an Israelite who miscegenated with an Edomite were neither Israelites or Edomites, so could you explain to us how Sephardic jews could possibly have been Israelites?

Ashkenaz jews (who are more than 90% of all jews according to their writings) claim that they are descendants of Ashkenaz, who was a descendant of Japheth.  This is disputed by jew Koestler who claims that they are descendants of Khazars who didn’t even convert to Judaism until the 9th Century AD, and thus were not even descendants of Japheth, much less Shem or Israelites.  In neither event could Ashkenazi jews have been descendants of Eber (whose descendants are Hebrews) because Eber was a descendant of Shem, Japheth’s brother.  And because Israelites never considered the offspring of an Israelite who married an Edomite, Moabite, Ashkenazi, Cushite, Canaanite, Khazar, or any other non-Israelites to be an Israelite, then how exactly it is possible that any jew could have been an Israelite?

If jews aren’t really descendants of Moabites, or Edomites, or Ashkenzis, or Canaanites, or Cushites, or Jehudis, or Khazars, or any other non-Israelite, as both the Holy Bible and numerous jewish writings claim they are, then it’s physically and legally impossible for jews to have ever been Israelites, either then or now.

The only thing you can do to try to recover from one more utterly ridiculous statement (like the one where you claimed that Israelite law didn’t apply to Ruth because she was a woman) is to claim you meant that you believe jews are descendants of the Israelites who are known to have miscegenated with the foreign women who, along with their children, were put away by the Israelites:

Ezra 10:3  Now therefore let us make a covenant with our God to put away all
the wives, and such as are born of them, according to the counsel of my
lord, and of those that tremble at the commandment of our God; and let it be
done according to the law.

iow, you have no choice but to acknowledge that, at best, jews were never Israelites but that they are related to Israelites because they are the products of miscegenation of non-Israelites with Israelites, and are thus mongrels.

Or, conversely, you must claim that most jewish writings and the Holy Bible are LIES.

If jews are even remotely related to any of these races, which the Torah and Talmud CLAIM they are, then by definition, it’s impossible for jews to have ever been Israelites.

Where did the DNA similarities between Sephardi and Achkenazi come from?  .. IMO where the Ashkenazi and the Sephardi get their DNA similarities are from when the Sephardi where run out of Spain .. where did they go .. they were forced into Turkey .. where there were already a shit load of Ashkenazi – Khazarians for hundreds of years.

The hebrew Israelites come from the linage of Shem
true hebrew Israelites would be more closer to those of Ham than Japheth
because of their time in captivity in Egypt.
With this dogma of Duke’s it would somehow legitimize their being in the land of Palestine / Israel ..
I call Bull Shit on Him and his thesis and would promote this as legitimate GATE KEEPING
To My knowledge it was during the Renaissance period where this took place. But if we look at earlier art
we can see that for thousands of years the Christ figure was Portrayed as a dark complected individual.
It also may be noted that even the Popes still today continue to Pray to a Black Baby Jesus.
All ancient art portrays Him and the Mary figure in the same light.
As to Jesus this Christ Figure. He was not a Jew .. He was a Nazarene and spoke Aramaic.




One may get a little better understanding by watching my Documentary

“The Greatest Lie Ever told .. History is Not What You Think part 1 & 2

In Part 2: It ties together the 3 Main causes of conflict in the Middle East Today

Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey .. A connection by Blood

Weather or not you believe in the Bible or not here are some interesting facts you might think about and questions you should ask.

Why do we have people like Koestler send you down the path that the Jews from the Khazar Region are not the desendents of Japheth but refuse to admit that in the Torah and Bible it says precisely this?

Why is it that every country that these fake Jews invade or have their proxy’s like the US plunder historical sights particularly for ancient artifacts.

Why when Japan the Psychopathic Jew Truman Bombed Japan  after they sought to surrender and wanted to sign a peace treaty.

Two of warfare’s great crimes were inflicted when the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians and in the bitterest of ironies wiping out Nagasaki’s Christian community which had survived long-term Japanese persecution.

This was the Largest Christian Community in all of Asia.

I say this all of the time .. “It does not matter what you and I believe .. they the Jews believe this crap .. They claim that they didn’t kill the Christ figure .. well this would be true, because they are not the Israelites they’re Israeli’s who believe in the Talmud and its Satanic Teachings


Trump Israeli / Rothschild STOOGE .. Picks For Ambassador To Israel: ‘End The 2-State Narrative’

Attorney David Friedman (left) exits U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Camden, N.J., with Donald Trump and Trump’s daughter Ivanka in a 2010 case involving Atlantic City casinos. The president-elect plans to nominate Friedman as U.S. ambassador to Israel.

Bradley C. Bower/Bloomberg via Getty Images

President-elect Donald Trump announced Thursday he will nominate bankruptcy attorney David Friedman as U.S. ambassador to Israel. Friedman, who has no prior diplomatic experience, is an outspoken supporter of Jewish settlement on the Israeli-occupied West Bank and has questioned the need for a Palestinian state.

According to the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, Friedman is an Orthodox Jew who maintains a part-time residence in Israel. He is a regular columnist for the Israeli news website Arutz Sheva, which is identified with the settler movement.

In his columns, Friedman has called the two-state solution an “illusion,” and compared liberal American Jews to “kapos,” Jews who aided Nazis during the Holocaust.

In a statement from the Trump transition office announcing his nomination, Friedman indicated he is prepared to upend decades of U.S. policy regarding the location of the U.S. embassy, which is now in Tel Aviv:

“I intend to work tirelessly to strengthen the unbreakable bond between our two countries and advance the cause of peace within the region, and look forward to doing this from the U.S. embassy in Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem.”

The U.S. position has long been that the legal status of Jerusalem is yet to be determined. A law passed by Congress in 1995 requires the U.S. to move its embassy to Jerusalem but allows presidents to waive that requirement, which all have done. During his campaign, Trump pledged to move the embassy.

Friedman’s nomination was greeted by a storm of commentary — pro and con.

Arutz Sheva quoted settler leader Yossi Dagan: “David Friedman is a friend and a true partner of Israel and the settlements.”

Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, told Ha’aretz:

“[Friedman] has the potential to be the greatest U.S. Ambassador to Israel ever. No previous ambassador appreciates the political, historic, legal and religious rights of the Jews to Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem like David. Yet he respects and understands the beliefs and hopes and dreams of the political left in Israel and America.”

The New Israel Fund, which supports progressive social programs in Israel, had this reaction:

“[Friedman] represents extreme fringe views that are appalling to most American Jews. Those of us concerned about Israel and the cause of peace there should be alarmed that Mr. Friedman will be representing America’s interests.”

And Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, the largest Jewish denomination in the U.S., told Ha’aretz:

“The position [Friedman] advocates is more extreme than any government of Israel has stated. We have serious concerns about someone who says annexing the West Bank to Israel is a viable way to preserve Israel’s Jewish and democratic essence.”

Friedman must be confirmed by the Senate. Several left-wing U.S. Jewish groups — among them Americans for Peace Now and J-Street — say they will work to defeat his nomination.


The NALED nerve agent is an Organophosphate well just so you know so is SARIN GAS .. Produced during WWII by a company Bayer owned by the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s
The same that ISIS is Israeli Secret Intelligence Service .. The same holds true about the NAZI party .. they were jewish aka AshkeNAZI ..

The truth is .. Hillary has Been Indicted

The Truth is, FBI Directer James Comey has already indicted Hillary Clinton. 


The only thing left is to Prosecute her.

  1. Mishandling Classified Information

Executive Order 13526 and 18 U.S.C Sec. 793(f) of the federal code make it unlawful to send of or store classified information on personal email.

“‘By using a private email system, Secretary Clinton violated the Federal Records Act and the State Department’s Foreign Affairs Manual regarding records management, and worse, could have left classified and top secret documents vulnerable to cyber attack,’ Cause of Action Executive Director Dan Epstein said in an email to reporters.

‘This is an egregious violation of the law, and if it were anyone else, they could be facing fines and criminal prosecution.’”



2. Violation of The 2009 Federal Records Act

Section 1236.22 of the 2009 National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) requirements states that:

Agencies that allow employees to send and receive official electronic mail messages using a system not operated by the agency must ensure that Federal records sent or received on such systems are preserved in the appropriate agency record keeping system.”


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WARDO’S RANT REPORT “Do You Feel Safe Yet?”



Our country has been subverted and control has actually been handed over to a foreign country!!!
OUTSOURCING AMERICA’S SECURITY .. Is the NSA outsourcing its domestic spying to Israel?
Israeli tech may have helped the NSA spy on US citizens. Should the American public say thank you?

If you’re the NSA, the largest and most well funded digital security agency in the world, and you have to spy on hundreds of millions of your own citizens – a task too complicated, both technically and legally, for you to carry out by yourself; who’s the only friend you have to help you carry it out; People, do you really have to ask? Israel of course. I personally don’t like the idea of my own government to invade my space let alone a foreign government with a history of attacking my country .. More on why and how later.


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Is Obamacare Just Rockefeller Medicine?

WARDO’S RANT REPORT .. Rockefeller Medicine
To understand this one must seek the history of Rockefeller medicine. So, Let us look into the history of the Rockefeller family.

Meet William Rockefeller, Snake Oil Salesman!!


The image of the traveling snake oil salesman of 19th century America is by now a familiar trope. It is the image of the heartless huckster who preys upon the trust of the general public to swindle them out of their hard-earned savings. With a bottle of useless tonic and the help of a plant in the audience, the snake oil salesman made a living out of lies and deceit.

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Israel: A nuclear armed nation .. Defies all international laws .. violates human rights on every level .. Spies on the United States more than any country including, OUR Supposed Enemies .. The WHY and HOW all of this has occurred: 1) .. A story of being GOD’s chosen people got started back in the 8th century when in a country called “KHAZAR” .. a national conversion to Judaism took place. What they were converting from .. A fully PAGAN FORM OF WORSHIP as seen in the Great Babylon .. To evade being a target of Christianity and Islam. And continued unmolested trade between Europe and Asia.

Long ago, there was a Medieval Kingdom of Khazaria, 652-1016 AD that included part of modern day Russia, Ukraine, and a sliver of what is now Kazakhstan. This area was somewhat interesting in history because when considering the choice of Islam, or Christianity or Judaism the leaders of this ’empire’ decided to declare themselves Jewish. That was a very odd choice in an area of the world which was predominately Islam and Christian. There was little Zoroastrianism…but Jewish was essentially not on the radar.

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Interesting quote from Gamal Abdel Nasser, the 2nd President of Egypt:


“You will never be able to live here in peace, because you left here black and came back white” (1952)

George Friedmann in his book, The End of the Jewish People, pointedly states that the Europeans claiming to be Jews, are nothing more then “Hebrew speaking Gentiles.” The late president of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser, stated on television, “you (the Jews) will never be able to live here in peace, because you left here black but came back white. We cannot except you!

LITTLE KNOWN FACT 1 .. All Religious art showing Christ prior to the Renaissance period .. was as a Black man or child

LITTLE KNOWN FACT 2 .. The Pope still to this day prays to a Black baby Jesus.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT 3 .. All archeological / ancient artifacts show all of the people of northern Egypt and Persia were of Negro type

LITTLE KNOWN FACT 4 .. Adolf Hitler made movies and published books pointing out that those who call themselves Jew “BASTARDS” and pointed to Negro type people as being Hebrew Israelites.

IN THE BIBLE .. Genesis 10: 1-3
Gives sound evidence of the Ashkenazi people come from Japheth .. not SHEM !!!
Descendants of Noah
1 .. Now these are the records of the generations of Shem, Ham, and Japheth, the sons of Noah; and sons were born to them after the flood.

2 .. The sons of Japheth were Gomer and Magog and Madai and Javan and Tubal and Meshech and Tiras.

3 .. The sons of Gomer were Ashkenaz and Riphath and Togarmah.

Genesis 11:10-32 .. From Shem to Abram

IN THE BIBLE .. Deuteronomy 28:47 …
46″They shall become a sign and a wonder on you and your descendants forever. 47″ .. Because you did not serve the LORD your God with joy and a glad heart, for the abundance of all things; 48 .. therefore you shall serve your enemies whom the LORD will send against you, in hunger, in thirst, in nakedness, and in the lack of all things; and He will put an iron yoke on your neck until He has destroyed you .…





This Forced Multiculturalism I am talking about: is about forcing the mixing of Races, Religious and Cultural ideas upon one another for several reasons. One, to erase any type on national identity of host countries and two, to make it all the easier to control and foster strife.
During WWII there was a mass Exodus as you might call it. But there was a real difference than what we are seeing today. Today we are seeing the removal of a people from a completely different Cultural Religious and Ethnic background. In today’s Exodus has a much further reaching effect. It is the removing of the people from a land in which there is a desire to occupy and exploit for personal gain.



Moving to their begining and the desire to obtain the region (Israel) by the Rothschild’s starts in 1896 with Zionist founder
Theodor Herzl
“The aim of Zionist leaders was to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. Why?
‘Was it in order to fulfill the plan outlined in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, for world conquest; or was it to protect the concession from the exploitation of all the chemical wealth in the Dead Sea in Palestine, estimated at (five trillion) dollars?
“If it is for the purpose of world conquest, then Jews have been fatally deceived, because Zionist leaders and their financier backers maintain that the Protocols are a forgery. If it is for the purpose of extracting chemical wealth from the Dead Sea, then Jews have been shamefully imposed upon because that purpose has never been mentioned by Zionist leaders.

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A Historical look at the JEWISH Family Monsanto and its Evil on mankind
Traveling all of the way back to the 1700’s
MONSANTO Family; Jewish Slave Dealers and Owners.
A historical look at the most evil company on the planet

By Wardo Rants.

Monsanto Family Slave Traders

The Jewish Monsanto Family of Louisiana included Benjamin, Isaac, Manuel, Eleanora, Gracia and Jacob. They made frequent purchases of Blacks including twelve in 1785, thirteen and then thirty-one in 1787, and eighty in 1768.
In 1794, Benjamin sold “Babet,” a Black woman, to Franco Cardel. Manuel sold two Blacks from Guinea named “Polidor” and “Lucy” to James Saunders for $850 in silver.
As individuals they were owners of Africans whom they named “Quetelle,” “Valentin,” “Baptiste,” “Prince,” “Princess,” “Ceasar,” “Dolly,” “Jen,” “Fanchonet,” “Rozetta,” “Mamy,” “Sofia,” and many others. Isaac repeatedly mortgaged four of these when in financial trouble. Benjamin Monsanto of Natchez, Mississippi entered into at least 6 contracts for the sale of his slaves which would take place after his death. Gracia bequeathed nine Africans to her relatives in her 1790 will, and Eleanora also held Blacks as slaves.
Manuel Jacob Monsanto entered into at least 12 contracts for sale of slaves between 1787 and 1789 in Natchez and New Orleans, Louisiana.1135 “His family consists of himself and seven Negroes.”1136 Later, “Jacob Monsanto, son of Isaac Rodrigues Monsanto, one of the very first known Jews to settle in New Orleans, owner of a several-hundred-acre plantation at Manchac, fell in love with his slave, Mamy or Maimi William. Their daughter Sophia, grew up to be a lovely quadroon.” An excerpt of one of Benjamin’s many slave.

If this wasn’t enough, here is MONSANTO’s Company History


Of all the mega-corps running amok, Monsanto has consistently outperformed its rivals, earning the crown as “most evil corporation on Earth!” Not content to simply rest upon its throne of destruction, it remains focused on newer, more scientifically innovative ways to harm the planet and its people.
1901: The company is founded by John Francis Queeny, a member of the Knights of Malta, a thirty year pharmaceutical veteran married to Olga Mendez Monsanto, for which Monsanto Chemical Works is named. The company’s first product is chemical saccharin, sold to Coca-Cola as an artificial sweetener.
Even then, the government knew saccharin was poisonous and sued to stop its manufacture but lost in court, thus opening the Monsanto Pandora’s Box to begin poisoning the world through the soft drink.
1920s: Monsanto expands into industrial chemicals and drugs, becoming the world’s largest maker of aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid, (toxic of course). This is also the time when things began to go horribly wrong for the planet in a hurry with the introduction of their polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).