Will Donald Trump turn against the Zionist lobby if elected?


A former US Senate candidate says it is not clear yet whether Donald Trump, if elected president of the United States, will turn against the Zionist lobby and Israel or sell out those Americans who have put their trust in him.

Mark Dankof, who is also a broadcaster and pastor based in San Antonio, Texas, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Sunday, after US Republican mega-donor and hard-line Zionist Sheldon Adelson endorsed Trump’s candidacy and pledged to spend up to $100 million for his presidential campaign.

“Trump is an enigma. And when we look at Trump we see that there is a divide on the anti-New World Order and anti-Zionist right regard to whether or not we should be supporting Donald Trump,” Dankof said.

He added that on the one hand friends like Michael Collins Piper and Nathanael Kapner have exposed Trump’s “longtime relationship with the Zionist entity and to the Zionist community in New York.”

On the other hand we have people like David Duke and Pat Buchanan who believe that “Trump is an improvement over what we had before. Some of the things he had been saying about trade and immigration, and to some extent foreign policy, are right there where we should be,” the analyst stated.

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US Threatens To Shoot Down Syrian Jets To Get Their World War Going


The United States has been invaded for decades now .. They Run The Media, Our Monetary System, Government, Pentagon, All of the ABC Groups .. PRESIDENTS too .. Trump is as much of their boy as Hillary is their Skanky Criminal Bitch .. Let us remember: The advisors in the Obama admin. the Boy George admin. are all the same .. They are called the NEOCONS .. they are the ones calling the shots along with the decades of involvement of Henry Kissinger’s advisement .. they are all DUAL NATIONAL ISRAELI’S poised in our government since the Murder of JFK to carry out the missions of the Rockefeller/Rothschild goals of their NWO .. This is a Jewish Crime syndicate .. MAKE SURE THAT YOU UNDERSTAND .. Everything that is going on in the middle east is simply a restructuring of the OTTOMAN Empire as a base of their complete control of all trade traffic on that side of the planet. Lets also be clear that this Jewish cabal is not the rightful inhabitance of the land of Palestine .. Their origins come from around 800 miles away in the Georgian Province Formerly known as KHAZARIA ..
They are not Semitic people their roots come from Noah’s son Japheth not Shem .. you might call them actually Mongol/Turks .. Not Hebrew Israelites.

TRUMP EXPOSED – Owned by Rothschids – Controlled by the Israeli Mossad & US. CIA


Money Laundering with CIA and MOSSAD connections .. thats what no one is talking about. Thats right .. the trail is there, I am clear that Trump is neck deep in this with his owners the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s. There will be very little that trump could do even if he really means what he says what he means, to bring industry back to these shores. This sell off of American Manufacturing was deliberate. This guy Trump is an AIPAC ZIONIST 100% ISRAEL EVERYTHING owned and controlled by the BANKERS.
They are not gonna let these jobs come back, they’ve been making to much money because of it.

Trump – DRAFT DODGER -Boy from the Silver Spoon – 100% Zionist tool



As Joe Kennedy did for JFK so did Fred Trump for Donald

.. you could say they were both groomed handsomely. Except one thing JFK was a real war hero. Instead like “BOY George” W. Bush A real draft dodger the real POS he is. Of course we must also include John McCain the son of a Traitorous Navy Admiral that did the coverup for the attack on the USS Liberty. Insured that his son wasn’t hung by his neck for the death of many crew members on the USS Forrestal “McCain crashed 5 jets, plus was responsible for the Forrestal fire.
Surviving crewmen of the USS Forestal and those who investigated the Forrestal fire case reported that McCain deliberately ‘wet-started’ his A-4E Skyhawk to shake up the guy in the F-4 Phantom behind his plane.
‘Wet-starts’, done either deliberately (the starter motor switch allowed kerosene to pool in the engine and give a wet start) or accidentally, shoot a large flame from the tail of the aircraft.’Wet starting’ was a common practice among young ‘hot-dog’ pilots.
In McCain’s case, the ‘wet-start”cooked off’ and launched the M34 Zuni rocket from the rear F-4 that punctured the Skyhawk’s fuel tank, knocked the M-65 1000 lb bomb off it’s 500 lb rated mount, and touched off the explosions and massive fire.

When the carrier Oriskany came along side, and McCain was put in a chopper and whisked away. McCain was the only Forrestal crewman to be immediately transferred .I have a hunch McCain left for his own safety, because the crew wanted blood.

Staying on point .. As you will see from Trump’s own Draft Card he worked pretty dam hard to avoid going to war .. Just another boy from Privilege. And he dam sure is no JFK..

Trump – ZIONIST CRYPTIC – Foreign Policy Speech EXPOSED


As I have Spoke out about my views on all Political Candidates. I could not nor would not endorse anyone on the Election Menu. Everyone of them are toeing the line of Propaganda of Israeli/Rothschild’s Agenda .. This would be everything that comes out of the media and each and every politician Including But not limited to Trump or Hillary, but every one of them that I have seen!!

Trump is a master at BRANDING as good as the best of them. He has spent his entire life perfecting this technique and the results of his greatness in this art, shows in his overwhelming Success in his Presidential bit for the White House.

In this video evaluation of Mr. Trump’s own ability to understand that people are awakening to the Israeli/Rothschild’s Agenda!!
My Own Proclamation to this and in my opinion based on the historical dealings with the Rothschild’s and their Ancestry. Their banking, dealings in War and how they run their Operators. Trump will give them everything that they demand from him. I believe this to all be just “Smoke and Mirrors” and that Trump already knows he must not get outta line.

This is not a time to play around,Don’t fall for the PSYOP Social Manipulation. The TRUMP phenomena .. its really no different than Obama campaign BS.

How to put an End to the BLM .. 1-on-1 discussion w/ Wardo Rants and Commissioner

A talk with Douglas County Commissioner on Ridding our county from Federal control and the Banning of the BLM .. Regaining independence and grow local economy .. Speaking about jurisdiction and the meaning of their flag they pledge allegiance to during every meeting .. the intense tyranny and over reach of the federal government.

Not even a minute of running his chops … This Commissioner speaks about not having control .. Swift Water Park is a local issue .. Myself and others have been talking about the land rights issues for many years with County Commissioners .. in the past is has been the order of ignoring the movement.. now we get lip service .. so far NO ACTION

One on One Interview w/ Sugar Pine Gold Mine Owners


One on One Interview w/ Sugar Pine Gold Mine Owners .. Rick Barclay, George Backs and Care taker Danny Vanderschelden claim holders on the Sugar Pine Mine in southern Oregon, presents his explanation of his conflict with the BLM and his invitation to the Oath Keepers to secure his Rights until the conflict is resolved.
BLM destruction of documents and legal update 5 – 9 – 2015


Amid a flurry of speculation and rumor about a “stand off” against the BLM, this is the authoritative account, from the mine owner, to dispel any misunderstandings. He is especially insistent that nobody threaten or harass any public servant. That is counter-productive.

Members of the Oath Keepers provide security at the Sugar Pine Mine outside Grants Pass, Oregon April 22, 2015. Owners of a gold mining claim in southern Oregon enlisted armed activists known as the Oath Keepers to guard the mine amid a land dispute with the federal government. The Oath Keepers plan to peacefully protect the mine and want to avoid a standoff. Photo taken April 22, 2015. REUTERS/Jim Urquhart - RTX1A1IA
Members of the Oath Keepers provide security at the Sugar Pine Mine outside Grants Pass, Oregon April 22, 2015. Owners of a gold mining claim in southern Oregon enlisted armed activists known as the Oath Keepers to guard the mine amid a land dispute with the federal government. The Oath Keepers plan to peacefully protect the mine and want to avoid a standoff. Photo taken April 22, 2015 

The Dying of a Nation


EVERY Congress Person that voted for the passing TPA .. handing over the authority to the Presidential office the Dictatorial Power to Hand our country to a foreign Banking and Corporate entities .. Needs to be ARRESTED STAND TRAIL FOR TREASON and RACKETEERING ..
EVERY AMERICAN Should be flying their American Flag UPSIDE DOWN
UNDERSTAND THIS .. Once the TTP and the TTIP has passed .. and they will UNLESS People get off of their asses .. We can Start off by first off .. joining together and recognizing the condition of our country. FLY YOUR FLAG UPSIDE DOWN ..

The swindle of Rothschilds .. Genesis 10: 1-3 .. proves they are not the hebrew israelites and revelations 2: 9 and 3: 9 says what they have coming .. you gotta go for the head of the beast .. then it is time to issue RICO AND TREASON INDICTMENTS NOW for every politician that signed the TPA .. you can also take out every dual national israeli that has been positioned in Government war criminals the likes of Henry Kissinger the full Bush family Dick Cheney and all of these wall street bankers and all of the way up to the entire Rothschild family .. JOIN THE FIGHT, EXPOSE THE LIES, STAND AGAINST TYRANNY .. FREEDOM AND PEACE FOR ALL OF HUMANITY

STUPIDITY Hits Milwaukee With George Sorros Black Lives Matter

White cop shoots Black person .. Black cop shoots Black person .. Go Thug on Whitey .. You People are Stupid .. Vandalizing and Looting does nothing for your cause .. if you really have one .. The fact is that, more white people are shot by cops than blacks are and you don’t see white folks tearing everything up. And if we did we’d be called extremists racist neo-nazi crap .. The simple fact is that you are being played by a Nazikikejewish asshole!! That ain’t gonna pay you.