Wardo Rants Hammers Commissioners over Agenda21/BLM .. WATER AND LAND GRAB

The Federal Government with the use of its tools .. Economic, Over Regulation, ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS .. Shuts down Growth in order to force insolvency on Communities and so desperate that their leaders will willfully or not to Give up lands to the federal government for handouts.

There are 4 things we will look at:

1) How the Fed. Sends Communities into insolvency.

2) Uses a Proxy company who’s soul purpose is to ACQUIRE LAND W/ WATER ATTACHMENTS .. this is against the Constitution Article 1 section 8 Clause 17: Property Ownership Restrictions on US Federal Government 10 square miles in DC, Forts and Ports: only with the permission of the states!
3) 2 fires .. Sources say Both fires were the responsibility of the Federal Government .. The Cable Crossing Fire and the Stouts Creek Fire.

Both pieces of land are being pursued by the Federal Government. One started allegedly by accident on ODOT Road, spread to BLM controlled property and crossed onto Swift Water park property .. The People’s Property .. WESTER RIVERS CONSERVANCY a front company for the Bureau of Land Management. Who’s in the middle of negotiations to purchase this property because it is illegal for the Government to own land in the first place and/or use funds from their funding source (as stated above) Makes quick work of rendering a property devaluation on Swift Water Park which brings the negotiation to a halt for the moment. The other fire which burnt 1000’s of acres was fueled by timber was cut and left to rot or be fuel for fire. At this property, Fraud conservancy group “Oregon Wild” Bent on blocking any and all land use!! Tries to secure 500.000 acres to attach as a “Wilderness Zone” which would shut off all Land Use whatsoever!!
4) Local politicians Refuse to listen to the people of the Community, not on this issue or any when it comes to Corporate Government Agendas. The People spoke their voice a few years back .. but the local County government/ County Commissioners and Parks department Scheme  a way around to complete the sale anyway.

5) Politicians lie to the Me and the People telling us that if we sell this property to the BLM .. oops! I mean, “Western Rivers Conservancy”.. the People will have guaranteed access to the public land. “Yay We can go Huntin an Fishen” Meanwhile I discover that they had removed the park designation from the property. around the same time that the fires were.