EXPOSING Local Treason and BLM Fraud in Oregon

The gloves come off as Wardo puts the pressure on local politicians
County Commissioners lie to the local public to get them to go along with selling off Swift Water Park to the BLM .. when in fact I discovered that they actually removed the status of this land from a park designation about the same time a fire was started by the DOT .. “Western Rivers Conservancy” a company who’s sole purpose it to find desperate communities that have land with water attached to them to sell to the BLM who also make quick work .. sends out their own appraisers to devalue this property .. The more I dig into this the more I don’t like what I am seeing ..
for those new to this piece of work .. it all starts with this video .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX-cC5YvoK8

Armored Vehicles Roll into Burns Oregon

Law enforcement personnel block an access road to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Ore. Authorities were restricting access to the Oregon … while more armored vehicles roll into town.

What it seems people either seem to forget or refuse to look at .. 1 the BLM is a private corporation with absolutely no Jurisdiction to operate in any of the sovereign 50 states of our country .. the federal government does not own any of these lands .. the states would do a much better job of managing their own lands .. This is bigger than Dwight and Steve Hammond .. or any other rancher out there.. Ammon knew this going in to the occupation!! While I don’t necessarily agree that this location was the best tactical place to make a stand .. a stand needs to be made .. 2 .. This cock sucker of a sheriff was appointed not elected .. he came in the back door on the behalf of the BLM and appears to have worked for them in the past .. The Judge that convicted the Hammonds’ for a non crime is neck deep with ties to the BLM .. this is plain and simple GOVERNMENT CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES as usual .. and who is that is directly behind it all THE FEDERAL RESERVE aka Rothschilds and their Khazarian cohorts