28 Pages – Summer of Chaos – Dividing Nations – Civil Wars – NWO

The 28 pages of the 911 commission report .. The timing of it’s Release.

Anyone that has payed attention to these topics, already knew that the report would lay the blame on the Saudi Government. All the report does is say that someone may have know someone that might have been in contact with the Saudi Government and what has actually been released even says that there has been no vetted conclusions .. All of this is to protect Israel. As to the timing of it’s release has as much to do with a distraction as blaming one of Israel’s Governments and Lands to take over. Timing it with the Turmoil happening here in the US and European Countries.
Remember this Friends .. The United States is the Biggest Prize for the NWO. Rothschild and Rockefeller banking Families have been Working as Parasites off of all of the countries of the Globe for far way to long.

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